Domain Names

Every website needs a name. Find and register your new domain now!

What is the meaning of a domain name?

Basically, a domain name is your personal or your business “home” in the web, it’s an online estate that you manage it completely, as long as you have the rights. Domain names can be playfull, ainigmatic or even descriptive. Practicly we can use a domain name for everything, that means, that every website must have a unique domain, in order to be visible in the web and to be functional, whether you have a small blog or a large multinational corporation website.

They are essential, so that we can be visible to the online world, because it will increase not only your popularity, but also your sales (if we are talking about a business). If you understand how domain names work and why you need them, then you can easily choose the right domain name for your business or your personal blog.

Why everybody needs domain names?

In ancient times, kings have the ultimate power in the region which they rule. That’s the basic idea behind domain names in the web. Everyone can get a “region” (piece) of cyberspace, a website with the exclusive rights. The only way is to find and register a unique domain name or to buy an already existing domain name from another person. That is how we can establish our online presence for personal or business reasons.

Each domain name should be unique, standing out of all the others and must direct in only one website. So, before your register or buy a domain name, you should find out if it’s avaliable. If it’s not avaliable, we can’t do anything unless the owner is willing to sell it. If a domain name is avaliable, everyone can buy it. That means, by paying an amount of money, you can buy the exclusive rights for this domain name, which can last from one to ten years.

Ok, i just registered my new domain. Now what?

As soon as you register your new domain name, you have to choose the ideal hosting plan for your website! Hosting is essential in order to start building your new website, that is because all the files that you will upload to your website, must be stored somewhere! As long as your website creation is completed, which our experienced web designer team can undertake, in order to achive a flowless and professional outcome. That is because under theese circumstances, your website will attrack a much bigger audience and of course, you will end up with more money in your pocket!